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Welcomes the editorial board of the Journal of investigator alhilly for Science legal, political and issued by the Faculty of Law at the University of Babylon, the contributions of the brothers and sisters of researchers from inside and outside Iraq, which receives research in the field of science legal and political., And is publishing the following calendar search scientifically by experts certified proven competence scientific fields of jurisdiction minute, and the journal refused to publish research where there are no known scientific research methodology, as well as commit researcher taking the observations made about his research determined by the expert evaluators, and comes with controls publication in the journal:

  • Must meet the following conditions in the search
    • Title: prove title search on the first page in the Arabic language and writes the name of the researcher full academic title and his place of work, and if there are more than a researcher contributed to the research, it is appropriate to mention names with a mailing address (e-mail and mobile number) to be able to contact them. Proving title search with the full name of the researcher (or researchers) with the scientific title and place of work in English on the last page of the search
    • Board the research: prints research on one side of each sheet of paper size (A4) and leaves a vacuum multiplier between the lines and leave margin vacuum suitable in all points of the printed paper, be compiled research to the conclusion in the Arabic language and introduction, materials and methods of work, results and discussion, to have a summary of the search in Arabic and English as well as the presence of keywords (keywords) to search in both Arabic and English. The margins are arranged at the end of research before sources. Noting search rankings
  • Types of fonts used in the search:
    1. First page (title search) be of type (Times New Roman) and size 36.
    2. (research board) be of type (Simplified Arabic) and size 14
    3. (research margins) be of type (Simplified Arabic) and size 12
  • Copies Search: research the editorial staff receive two copies, including the original version with a floppy disk loaded by the research, and the measurement of the printed page is a research (18 × 24.5), leaving voids in all aspects of the paper.
  • Other controls :
    1. The investigator must submit an abstract for consideration in both Arabic and English that does not exceed 200 words.
    2. the journal does not publish only original research not previously published and are informed of the researcher's decision to accept the journal publishing during the month from the date of receipt of the search.
    3. Every research published in the journal will be the king of the journal is not permissible for any other redeployment of research or publication of his translation of a book or a newspaper or periodical without the written consent of the editor.
    4. the journal apologizes for re-published research whether or not to publish.
    5. Researcher bear legal and moral responsibility and social situation in the full extraction of the appearance or quotation or transfer of Internet web sites and make them ready-made research.
    6. Reserves the right to publish the journal research according to plan editorial board.
    7. Researcher pays an amount of $ (75) thousand dinars when presenting research versus the amount received arrived, and in the case of non-acceptance of research for publication in the the journal of the researcher re-mentioned amount after deducting the amount of (10) thousand dinars

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