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The sustainability of the progress and prosperity of nations based hails edifice scientists and continuity with the past ancient struggling University of Babylon to carry out its mission of scientific, Like other scientific centers, issuing scientific journal undertake the task Actual research discreet fruits of scientific efforts of researchers at the University of Babylon and scientific centers other to pour in a certain knowledge wide. The Journal welcomes investigator Alhilly of the legal and political science research and scientific studies of professors and researchers from universities and scientific centers inside and outside the country where.
The objectives and tasks of the scientific journal
Detective Journal aimed Alhilly of the legal and political science to the evaluation and dissemination of research academics and researchers in order to take advantage of them for the purposes of scientific promotions and annual evaluation and so on. As well as to research graduate students of thesis and messages, as the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research require graduate students publish their research before the debate. .
About Journal
Name of Journal Detective Journal Alhilly of the legal and political science - scientific journal issued by the University of Babylon
Issuer Babylon University - College of Law - Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraq
Terms of reference of Journal Public law and private law
Type the journal and Publications Scientific journal, published quarterly
Means of communication
Editor in Chief 07811105174
Secretary of Liberation 07706079574

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Mobile Editor:07811105174
Mobile secretary:07706079574

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